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Success in any business depends mostly on competence, systems, staff & personnel and the right blend of experience. We are exactly the same in the field of...
We at CSL work closely with its clients to help them move forward with confidence in today's technically complex and environmentally sensitive world.
Our Network provides the ability to serve ship owners with wide-range marine requirements at the most competitive prices and with the most efficient service.
We are experienced steamer agents with the understanding of the principals requirements and prompt response are hall marks of our service execution.
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As a Progressive and Proactive Company, CSL has under its management all types of ships (Reefer, Chemical Tankers, Bulk carriers, Gas Tankers amongst others). The Company focuses developing systems to produce the results desirable for all our clients.

Our Services are
Our Clients
Our Clients are ‘The Leaders’ in the Shipping Industry. We have good contacts with major Shipping Companies. Some of our reputed Clients are:
  • Aaa Shipping, Maldives
  • Adk Shipping, Maldives
  • Anna Shipping, Maldives
  • Appolo Holdings, Maldives
  • Blue Maraine, Maldives
  • Grand Shipping, Chennai
  • Hazas Enterprises, Maldives
  • Horizon Fisheries, Maldives
  • Island Enterprises, Maldives
  • King Shipping, Cochin
  • Lowline Holdings, Maldives
  • Lots Shipping, Cochin
  • Marine Export And Trading Company (Pvt. Ltd.), Maldives
  • Mid Shipping, Maldives
  • Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd, Maldives
  • Mm Exports, Chennai
  • Maldives National Shipping Ltd, Maldives
  • Maldives Transport And Contracting Company, Maldives
  • Navada Shipping, Maldives
  • Platinum Capital Holdings Pvt.Ltd, Maldives
  • Privilage Shipping, Maldives
  • Sto(Fuel Supplies Maldives Pvt.Ltd.), Maldives
  • Waadhe Shipping,Maldives
  • Frieght System, Dubai
  • Folk Shipping Llc, Dubai
  • Gac, Abudhabi
  • Sea Union S L Pvt Ltd, Singapore
  • Nos Ship Management Pvt Ltd Singapore
  • Act Integrated Services Pvt Ltd, Singapore
  • Far Eastern Lines Pvt Ltd
  • Sutan Nazaar Services Pvt Ltd

The need of our customers drives our business. We carefully study their requirement to provide the best solutions, optimizing their businesses & saving them time and money. We are highly acclaimed for the services that we offer both Nationally & Internationally. Our reputation is our most valuable possession. It is our biggest asset for successful networking
If you are interested in our services, please send your enquiries to info@coastalshippinglinks.com

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